Womentoring is an interdisciplinary mentoring programme by and for TINFA-students (Trans, intersex, non-binary, agender, genderfluid people and women) at the University of Bern. It is aimed at all TINFA-students at the University of Bern in their Master's studies who are considering an academic career. Mentors can be TINA- assistant professors, lecturers or doctoral students in the same or a related field of study.

12 Round Womentoring

Are you dealing with the question of what to do after graduation? Are you interested in scientific research and could you imagine an academic career? Are you thinking about writing a dissertation and want to learn more about it?

... then sign up for Womentoring now!

Womentoring is an interdisciplinary mentoring program for female students at the University of Bern and offers you the opportunity to deal specifically with these and other questions. The program is aimed at female students in the Master's program from all faculties.

As a participating student, you will be supported and advised by an assistant or doctoral candidate from the same or a similar department for two semesters (HS 23 and FS 24) on questions regarding studies, academic careers and career planning. At the core of the program are regular individual meetings with your mentor.

In addition, Womentoring offers you an attractive supporting program. Through discussion rounds, workshops and meals together, you will receive important impulses for your further career as well as the opportunity to make new contacts.

Have we piqued your interest? Then apply by June 21, 2023. Would you like to learn more before you apply? Then come to the information event on May 11 at 5 p.m.

Information Event on may 11th
Information Event on may 11th

About the programme

The programme, which is specifically aimed at TINFA-students, was launched on the initiative of female students from Bern and Fribourg who were involved in the Commission for Equality (CodEg) of the VSS (Verband der Schweizerischer Studierendenschaften/Swiss Student Union). Thanks to the federal programme Equal Opportunities and Diversity and the cooperation of four different organisations (SUB, VSS, AfG, SAJV), Womentoring, the first mentoring programme in Switzerland targeting female students, was realised in 2002. 

In autumn 2021, the twelfth round of Womentoring 23/24 will start with a kick-off event that will allow all mentoring duos to get to know each other. In the autumn and spring semesters, various workshops on career planning and coaching will take place in cooperation with the Bern University Counselling Centre, various networking meetings will be offered, and different experts will be invited to report on their experiences with academic careers. However, the heart of the mentoring is the individual meetings and discussions of the mentoring duos.


Project coordination 

Tanisha Pandey

Student Body of the University of Bern (SUB)Lerchenweg 32CH-3012 Bern

Project management 

Mara Hofer 

Student Body of the University of Bern (SUB)
SUB board member: Department of gender equality and human resources
Lerchenweg 32
CH-3012 Bern



Mentees are TINFA-students in their Master's studies from all faculties who are considering pursuing an academic career.

Womentoring offers mentees

  • An insight into the academic world
  • Integration into the academic world
  • The opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with female assistants, lecturers, doctoral candidates and students
  • The development of a network
  • A closer look at their study and career planning
  • Help with the decision if you want to write a dissertation
  • Providing positive role models
  • Raising awareness of gender equality issues

Womentoring expects the mentees to

  • Willingness to examine one's own studies and career path
  • Personal initiative
  • Interest in university and academic life
  • Regular meetings with the mentor (at least 3 times per semester)
  • Regular participation in the framework programme
  • Willingness to participate in the evaluation of Womentoring


Mentors are assistants, doctoral students or lecturers at the University of Bern who allow a student to benefit from their experience and contacts and accompany her in her professional and academic career.

Womentoring offers mentors

  • The opportunity to pass on knowledge and experience
  • The development of counselling and coaching skills as important social competences
  • An examination of their own professional career
  • Contact with other female assistants and doctoral students
  • The opportunity to build a network
  • A free participation in the courses offered by the Office for Gender Equality

Womentoring expects the mentors to 

  • An interest in the questions, concerns, and problems of the mentee
  • The desire to let others benefit from their own experiences
  • The mentee may be allowed to benefit of the mentor's own network.
  • Willingness to meet with the mentee regularly (at least 3 times per semester)
  • Participation in the kick-off event at the beginning of October 2021
  • Regular participation in the rest of the framework programme, if possible
  • Willingness to participate in the evaluation of Womentoring

Forms and reports

Here you can find application forms, more information on Womentoring, and reports on the programme.

Concluding reports Womentoring

Reports on the programme

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