Tuition fees

Every few years, tuition fees at the University of Bern are increased. In addition, influential politicians, education officials, and functionaries of employers' associations demand an increase of the fees to a level of several thousand francs following the example of universities in the United Kingdom and the United States.

SUB vigorously opposes such plans. The higher the fees, the more difficult the situation becomes for poorer students. Education should not be a privilege for children of rich parents. Neither should students have to accumulate mountains of debt for their education.

No to higher tuition fees!
No to higher tuition fees!

The topic of tuition fees is discussed again and again. Various circles from business and politics are calling for an increase in tuition fees, in some cases even a tenfold increase of the current amount. This is why the SUB has decided to write a detailed position paper on this topic. The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the current discussion and to broaden the horizon and perspective on the issue of student financing by reflecting an in-depth examination of the issue and presenting the student perspective. The arguments of the supporters of increased tuition fees will be analyzed and then put into a different perspective and further refuted. The arguments against tuition fees from the students' point of view will also be clearly presented.

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