Being a student is not all about studying and taking classes. Moreover, it is a time of experimenting and trying things out.  Studying is an intensive time where we meet new people, party hard, and spend a semester abroad. We are not robots who only exist in lecture halls and seminar rooms, but individuals who are interested in art and culture; because we want to gather experiences that we cannot find in our books. 

Culture means two things for us:

On the one hand, you can enjoy the wide range of events that the city of Bern already offers. As a SUB member, you are entitled to free admission to various events. From theatre, music, and film to parties - surely you will find something you like.

On the other hand, we also understand culture as a creative process: there would be no cultural offerings if there weren't motivated people who wanted to offer them. That's why we support students who contribute to the world of culture.

SUB events

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SUB culture

SUBKULTUR is the cultural commission of the SUB. It allocates money from the cultural budget to organise events itself or in cooperation with other students. If you want to organise an event for students and need support, you can contact us. We'll take a look at your proposal and help you to put it into practice.

And by the way: All SUB members can be elected to this committee and then have a say in how the cultural budget is used!


Free admission to events

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Free admission to events - localities

SUB members benefit from free admission to over 30 different venues in the city of Bern. Our cultural partners provide new tickets every month, which can be reserved via our website or directly with the organisers. 

Promoting and supporting culture

Promoting culture is close to our hearts. We support students and groups who want to get involved in culture, because we believe that culture is at its best when everyone participates and helps shaping it. For this reason, we have also set up a support fund.

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